Wednesday, August 31, 2011

decisions decisions, warby parker style.

I've been following for a bit now but have been a little too hesitant (and broke) to actually order from them. A few days ago, on a whim, I decided to sign up for their at home try-on plan. I chose five of my favorite frames, some traditional and some just plain fun. Today they arrived in a beautiful little box. Now, the real problem begins.. which pair?!

option 1: "Owen" in Revolver Black Matte.  I've been on the lookout for a solid pair of large, thick black frames for a while and have yet to find a pair that fit my face correctly.  These fit perfectly.  I like how big and kinda dopey they are.  I could see these looking good with every haircut/color I have.

option 2: "Fillmore" in Tennessee Whiskey.  I picked these for the name and shape alone.  They're really fun and quirky but I'm not crazy about how they fit on my nose.  The actual nose rests (is that what those are called??) set fine, there's just this weird gap is all.  Looking at them more on the website, I think I'd like them better as a whole in a different color.  Too bad, I love whiskey.

option 3: "Preston" in Sandalwood Matte.  I love the way these matte frames look and feel.  Sometimes, shiny glasses bug the hell out of me.  Between glare, glass, and shiny plastic I feel like I'm a walking headache sometimes.   The color of these frames is really really beautiful and they're so lightweight.  I think they're cute, but eh, they kind of feel like my backup safety pair.  If I'm going to get a pair, I want to REALLY love them.  Also, weird, the site now has them named as "light tortoise".  Whatever.

option 4: "Tenley" in Burgundy Fade.  I absolutely love these.  I've been wanting a pair of cateyes for a while but didn't want something TOO CATEYE.  I love the color of these and how barely feminine they are.  I actually have been staring at these for months and even almost just ordered them, but looking at them on my face now I'm not so sure.  They're HUGE for one, which isn't bad, but I almost feel like they're too big for my face.  If anything, I think they'd be better suited as sunglasses for me (which they have :D).

option 5: "Sinclair" in Greystone.  Last but not least indeed!  As soon as I put these on (the first pair I put on) for my boyfriend he said THOSE.  These are rounder than any pair of glasses I've ever had, but I like it.  The color is so perfect (duh, I love grey) and I like that my eyes sit smack in the middle of the lens.  It's the little things, you know?  I might have to order these. 

So which pair should I go with?!  I kind of love them all, but definitely do not have $500 for glasses, so one will just have to do.  I need your help!


  1. Well as usual you just look adorable in all these photos, but I think I like those first ones the most! Miss you.

  2. ugh they are all freaking cute. i'm so happy you have a blog! I MISS YOU! WAHHHHH :*( but my favorites are #1 #4 and #5. Lucky you got to try them at home! Back when I got mine I just had to try them on with a picture of myself because they never had any in stock or something. Have fun choosing though :) I want a new pair when I update my prescription (soon.) <3 <3 <3

  3. oh man, this would be a fun and totally excruciating decision. I'd have to agree with you on the last pair. I think they're the ones. Plus they're not a shape of frame that you see on a lot of people so they'll definitely stand out.

  4. Fillmore and preston are my faves. Good luck picking, they are all rad.