Thursday, July 19, 2012


Peter bought me a camera last week and I've spent all week playing around with it. I'm still getting the hang of it, even though it's just a point and shoot. I had another, cheapy point and shoot a few years ago, but it was waaaay simpler and didn't have nearly the amount of settings that this one does. I feel like I haven't figured out all my settings yet so my pictures seem a bit off in color and clarity. No bother, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon.

Life has been good recently, albeit hot. I know that's all anyone talks about, but sheesh! Summer dressing is really the only good thing about the heat. Waking up and just throwing on some cut-offs and a tank top is about the easiest thing ever. Peter's gigs have been really picking up the last few months, so he's been gone a lot more than usual. I've been missing him lots, but am happily overwhelmed with pride for how much he's accomplished with his music in such a short amount of time. His passion really makes me strive to find my own.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

the last week and a HALF in instagram

I'm just simply embarrassed. I said I'd update this more. I said I'd be more diligent. And look at me, 10 days later I update again. Ten days?!?! That's absolutely ridiculous. So since it's been literally a week and a half since I updated, I included NINE pictures in my post instead of SIX. That makes up for it, right? Right. I'll just keep telling myself that.

peek of the city 4/20 food galacti-cat
heart on my pillow sheets on sheets on sheets early morning doctor visit
queen city q neva eva gonna give you up Oliver helping

1. A small peek of the city, around the corner from my house.
2. A delicious treat my roomie and I made for 4/20.
3. My new favorite shirt. I like to call him galacti-cat.
4. I made a little pillow on a whim last week and put a little heart on the back.
5. My bed is a mix of old and new sheets, all ridiculously soft.
6. Me, post Planned Parenthood visit, in their 70's office building. Side note, support your local Planned Parenthood, especially if you need birth control and you're low on funds.
7. I found my new favorite BBQ in Charlotte: Queen City Q. Unfortunately, their service paaaaled in comparison with this delicious meal.
8. Fixing my forever favorite UO jeans. I've had these for 3 years and the only thing wrong with them was the button that had popped off. Replaced it with a vintage navy coat button. All fixed!
9. Oliver helping with laundry, his favorite thing to do. At first I wasn't going to include a photo of Oliver in this update. You see, I'm planning a whole post for him, but I just couldn't not post this with this collection of photos of my week. In fact, the majority of photos I took this past week and a half has been of Oliver, but I had to show SOME constraint. You know?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the last week in instagram

cool mug dawg colorful plaid chambray sailboats
claw salon kitchen cat hornets vs ex hornets

1. An amazingly cool dawg mug I found at Value Village. His little face brightened my cup of coffee today.
2. The most beautiful plaid I may have ever found. It doesn't hurt that it was $2.50 and fits me perfectly.
3. I'm in love with my new sleeveless chambray sailboat top.
4. Welcome to the kitty claw salon.
5. Oliver is an excellent model. All I have to do is catch him doing something cute, call his name, and I'm pretty much guaranteed a great shot.
6. Great seats and a big old beer thanks to some great friends.

I've had an excellent week so far. Peter will be back from tour on Sunday, so I'm just sitting around counting down the days and planning surprises for his arrival home.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

starting over, again

newish haircut by JAIME JAMEY JAMIE
newish haircut, a photo by JAIME JAMEY JAMIE on Flickr.
I'm taking your advice, Lindsay. I'm going to start updating this thing on the regular and try my hand at blogging, again. Let's see how it goes!